Frequently asked Questions

How is a “Partnership Publisher” different than a subsidy or vanity publisher, or just uploading your book to Amazon KDP?

As a partnership publisher CHB would never send a book manuscript directly to market without thorough editing, proofreading, and professional design. In the book market we are known as a “hybrid publisher.” We vet every book we publish to make sure it meets our standards for quality and content.

If the author has proofread his or her book, why not just upload it on KDP for free?

Hemingway and Fitzgerald had editors, yet many novice writers think they don’t need one. Most writers have put years of thought and work into the dream of their book. We’ve seen writers take this self-publishing path with poor results, and we caution, don’t betray your dream just to save a few dollars.

As a partnership publisher, how is CHB Books different than the large subsidy publishers?

With us, there is no option to simply send your manuscript to market under our imprint with the basic service of laying out your interior pages and designing a cover. And yet, your cost to have your book professionally produced by CHB Books, with editing, proofreading, and design is competitive with even their base services. We offer “author copies” of your print book at true wholesale prices, not marked up significantly as they do. Finally, our royalties are the highest in the business.

Friends who have worked with large subsidy publishers tell me their contact was a sales person who was always trying to “upsell” them. Who would I work with at CHB Books.

With us, your contact is always your editor.

How long have you been in business?

We started in 2009 with publication of the novel Which One of You? Since then we have published an average of eight to 10 books a year.

What credits are you most proud of?

We are proud of all of our books, but we are often recognized as publisher of Cadence, the annual anthology of the Florida State Poets Association.

Is CHB Books a member of any professional groups?

Yes, we are a long time member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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