$95 for 10 sessions.

Use “Buy Now” to register or call 386-957-4761.

Meeting at the Hub on Canal,
located at the corner of Canal and Magnolia in downtown New Smyrna Beach.

Classes Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. beginning May 4.
Class leader: Gary Broughman, CHB Media
Register online at https://chbbooks.com/writingclass or call (386) 957-4761

Sign up now. No more than 10-12 seats will be filled so everyone has a chance to have their work heard.

We will explore and practice skills for powerfully effective creative prose, writing both short passages from prompts and longer works of the writer’s choosing. Are you already working on a novel or memoir? If so, we will help polish it.
If not, we will lead you into pathways to write a short story or memoir. If all goes well, we will publish an anthology of the class’s work at the end of the sessions.
We also will provide information on style book imperatives and how to navigate the Indy book publishing market.


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